My husband is a country boy at heart as much as I am a prairie girl.  We live in town but almost every weekend we spend some time exploring the countryside and I would encourage you to do the same.  Get out and explore!  You never know what you might see. 

This weekend we saw more animals than usual.  There were a lot of deer (one with a collar – first time we’ve seen that!), cows, horses, ducklings, partridge, pheasants, pelicans, cats, turkeys, gophers, a couple of toads, some meadowlarks, three snakes, a hawk, a jackrabbit (not in the same area thankfully) and a small skunk.  

I asked if it was a baby because it looked pretty small but my husband said it was juvenile.  My daughter joked and said “Do you know what you call a juvenile skunk?  A little stinker!”  LOL! 


It was so still last night that the reflection of the trees in the water was really pretty.  The wake created by the ducklings was neat too!


Here is a beautiful view of the countryside.  The photo was taken just before sunset and that always make the lighting ethereal. 

Dirt Road

Here is a view looking down the dirt road toward the impending sunset.  The  sky turned dark pink and dusky blue after the sun fully set.