Best Closet Tip Ever

In order to Bless The World we need to let go of our stuff, right?  So today I’m going to give you the best closet tip ever!

Go to your closet right now and, leaving your clothes on them, turn all of your hangars around.  When you take an item out of your closet and wear it you can hang it up the right way again.  

After a couple of months you will be able to see at a glance what clothes you use and which ones you constantly skip over.


Now take those and let your best friend have dibs.  Sell them.  Donate them. Hide them.  Okay, don’t really hide them.  Let them go and bless the world.


I promise you will appreciate the space.  It will make you feel better.  


Good job taking care of yourself!  Erika





You’ve probably been wondering what “Bless the World” means.  My sister uses this phrase as an equivalent to minimalism and it really appeals to me.  

She claims that when she lets things go, whether that be to the trash, as a donation, or by selling an item, that she is “Blessing The World”.  Feeling like she is “blessing the world” helps gives her the confidence to let go of the excess things she no longer needs in her life, even if the item may still be useful.  She imagines the right person adopting her item at the right time and she hopes the item will bring them as much joy as it did her.

There are a few things to do with your stuff.  You can donate it, throw it away or cherish it.  Below I have listed some bullet points that may help you in deciding what to do with your excess items.

  • If you don’t love it, don’t keep it
  • Bless the World by letting someone else have the opportunity to use what you are not
  • If it is an article of clothing and doesn’t make you feel fabulous, bless the world
  • You don’t have to keep something that was a gift

  • There are some things that are made to be used and then discarded
  • When in doubt, throw it out
  • Learn to love the space it leaves behind
  • If you saved it with good intentions, take five minutes and actually use it or get rid of it
  • Letting go makes you feel good

  • If you love it, by all means keep it
  • If it makes you happy then keep it, even if your _fill in the blank_ makes fun of you
  • Surround yourself with things that are necessary and eclectic
  • If it is sentimental, hanging on is understandable


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I had a surprise last 4th of July.  As we set up our lawn chairs to watch the parade my daughter said, “Mom, that’s your quilt.”  I looked at the lady sitting in front of us and sure enough she was using a quilt I had given away as an extra layer of padding on her hard plastic lawn chair.

I had made the quilt a year earlier.  I had found a fun brown, teal and green polkadot flannel that I wanted to use and then picked out matching shades of those three colors for the squares.  It was cute when I was done, but I am not a fan of the color teal.  When I was finished I put it in the linen cupboard where it sat for most of the year.  

I had been trying to reduce the clutter in my home for a while and when I was going through the closet I decided that even though I had invested in the fabric, batting and the time piecing and sewing it together I thought it was probably time to let it go.  

My sister calls this process “Blessing the World”.  That resonated with me and I gladly donated it to a local thrift store.

I never expected to see the quilt again.  Knowing it went to a good home and was being used brought me joy that I did not anticipate.  

If you have extra items that you are willing to let go, please be confident that you are blessing the world!