“I highly recommend taking in a fair or festival this time of year.  It’s a great way to support our communities and have fun experiencing local flavor.”                                                    Erika Rueland

Clark Potato Days

August 2nd, 3rd & 4th was Clark Potato Days.  Unfortunately by the time we got there on Saturday the mashed potato wrestling was over.  But the drumline was playing on the baseball field and the food trucks and vendor booths were open and there were a couple of friendly dogs that had to say “Hi”. The car show a block away was in full force.  Some of the cars were really snazzy!  They had a DJ playing and that helped with the festival atmosphere.  

Later that evening we went to Zesto in Watertown and saw a couple of 40’s era tractors in the parking lot.  We got our ice cream and found the owners sitting outside.

Three men from Sioux Falls had driven up to be in the tractor parade.  They said they were going to stay the night in Watertown and head back to Sioux Falls in the morning.

They said their tractors were dirty because they took back roads and due to all the recent rain we’ve had, they were muddy!

One of the men had suped up his tractor and bragged he got it up to 45 mph before he got nervous and had to slow down because the front end was bobbing off the ground.  The tires were originally only made to go 25 mph maximum.  

The tractors usually average around 12-14 miles per hour so he slowed down to be with his traveling companions.

The most amazing part he reported was that by the time he gets home he will have gone 1,000 miles on that tractor this summer.  Wow!


My husband is a country boy at heart as much as I am a prairie girl.  We live in town but almost every weekend we spend some time exploring the countryside and I would encourage you to do the same.  Get out and explore!  You never know what you might see. 

This weekend we saw more animals than usual.  There were a lot of deer (one with a collar – first time we’ve seen that!), cows, horses, ducklings, partridge, pheasants, pelicans, cats, turkeys, gophers, a couple of toads, some meadowlarks, three snakes, a hawk, a jackrabbit (not in the same area thankfully) and a small skunk.  

I asked if it was a baby because it looked pretty small but my husband said it was juvenile.  My daughter joked and said “Do you know what you call a juvenile skunk?  A little stinker!”  LOL! 


It was so still last night that the reflection of the trees in the water was really pretty.  The wake created by the ducklings was neat too!


Here is a beautiful view of the countryside.  The photo was taken just before sunset and that always make the lighting ethereal. 

Dirt Road

Here is a view looking down the dirt road toward the impending sunset.  The  sky turned dark pink and dusky blue after the sun fully set.


Drive In Movie: Skyscraper

Redfield, SD

Last Saturday we went to the Drive-In Movie one mile north of Redfield to see “Skyscraper”.

I hadn’t been to one of these since I was in grade school.  It was so much fun!

The lady at the gate was super friendly and gave us a run down on where to park, where concessions and bathrooms were and how to run the speakers.


Bug Spray

When we first pulled up there were kids running around playing baseball under the screen.

It was so nostalgic.  Right away my daughter found a friend from school even though we both live in Watertown 70 miles away.

Then the car that pulled up next to us was a former coworker of my husband’s.

Then my sister texted and said that she knew a couple who had gone there that night and we found them in just a few moments and took a selfie to prove it.

Starts at Dusk

An elder gentleman parked behind us was a wealth of information on the new owners and the renovations they had done.  You could tell he really loved coming to the drive-in.

He said that when they show children’s movies they try to have a character available for photos with the kids.

He also said that one time there was a car show in town and they all came over to the theater and the parking lot looked just how it used to when he was young.

After it was over he pulled up next to us to see how our kids liked the show.  We were happy to report their bellies were full of sugar and popcorn and they loved it!


So much fun!

Pheasant City Drive-In Theater is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The gate opens at 8:00 p.m. and the movie starts at dusk.


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I would highly recommend making the trip.  We didn’t get home until 1:00 in the morning but it was worth it to feel a sense of community and bring back memories from our childhood.