Do something everyday that will help get you closer to accomplishing your goals. And the secret to accomplishing this that it probably won’t take you as long as you think.

I had started a project a little over a month ago.  It was a project that required a bit of construction building a stand for my camera so I could record art projects to show you.

I had it mostly done but it needed reinforcement on the bottom.  It took a trip to the hardware store and about fifteen minutes to put the brackets on the bottom that would make it stable enough to use.  Once I finished it and put it in my craft room it seemed silly that I left it undone in my garage for a month.  

It wasn’t that hard.  It was just a matter having the right parts and deciding to finish the project.  And now that it’s done I can’t wait to put it to good use and be able to show you how I create some drawings and watercolors.




You need



I have recently found this quote by Mark Twain to be exceptionally true.  

For two years I have been thinking about doing a blog, planning on what I might say, making lists about the topics I wanted to cover and basically obsessing about it.  

However, when it came to actually writing, I would make up any excuse to avoid it.  I refused to do it.  I paid my subscription fees.  I called tech support a couple of times.  I did a couple of test posts.  I added a few widgets.  I realized I had no idea what I was doing so I put it off.  

But then last week I started.  I just decided to do it.  I became more frustrated just thinking about it than with my lack of knowledge so I published my plan.  I posted all last week according to my schedule.

And guess what?  I am so proud of myself.  I still do not know what I am doing but that’s okay.  I’m enjoying the learning process.  I have a vision of what I would like to accomplish and I am finally on my way because I TRIED.  I got started.  And I’m loving it.  

I would encourage you to do the same.  I know that there are some things that you have been dreaming about doing.  You probably have piles of plans hiding in notebooks or on your computer.  You may have been dragging your feet due to a million excuses.  But why don’t you start.  Just TRY.  Get going.  

You have special gifts and talents and the world needs you to use them.  We are on this planet for a finite amount of time and your gifts will be a blessing to the world.  I encourage you to start.  

Making progress on your dreams and goals is a great way to take care of yourself.  

I wish you the best!   Erika