My daughter’s room is oddly shaped.  When we looked at the house they had the room set up as an office.  We turned it in to a bedroom but it has a rather odd closet.  It has shelves on one side and a bar across the other and nothing in the middle.  We fashioned a rack for her shirts from a tension rod and a couple of shelf hangers but there was a big space above the rod on the back wall.  

My daughter, being the diva that she is, wanted to dress up the wall a bit so we added a self-adhesive black and white chevron print.  I thought that was pretty cool.  She wasn’t satisfied, however.  

She asked me to make her a kiss print to dress it up even more.  We found some shiny gold metallic vinyl and now she has a two foot tall by three foot wide lip print on her chevron wall.  Now every morning when she gets dressed her closet gives her a kiss!

Chevron Wall


Upper Lip


Full Pout