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I had a surprise last 4th of July.  As we set up our lawn chairs to watch the parade my daughter said, “Mom, that’s your quilt.”  I looked at the lady sitting in front of us and sure enough she was using a quilt I had given away as an extra layer of padding on her hard plastic lawn chair.

I had made the quilt a year earlier.  I had found a fun brown, teal and green polkadot flannel that I wanted to use and then picked out matching shades of those three colors for the squares.  It was cute when I was done, but I am not a fan of the color teal.  When I was finished I put it in the linen cupboard where it sat for most of the year.  

I had been trying to reduce the clutter in my home for a while and when I was going through the closet I decided that even though I had invested in the fabric, batting and the time piecing and sewing it together I thought it was probably time to let it go.  

My sister calls this process “Blessing the World”.  That resonated with me and I gladly donated it to a local thrift store.

I never expected to see the quilt again.  Knowing it went to a good home and was being used brought me joy that I did not anticipate.  

If you have extra items that you are willing to let go, please be confident that you are blessing the world!



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